Pressed watermelon, baby yellow plum tomatoes, Shimeji mushrooms, lemon grass


Cut the water melon into large slices, and vacuum pack them down with fresh basil and a lemon grass syrup.

After 12 hours, release from the bag and cut into nice sharp cubes

Avocado puree

250g     Avocado

250g     Crème fraiche (Hung weight)

1 Lime – juiced

½ Lemon – juiced

Puree the ingredients together into the thermomixer & check seasoning – it may need the juice of a whole lemon


Slice in half, season with a little sugar and salt and scatter thyme on top of this

Leave to slow roast over the stoves for 10 hours

Shimji mushrooms

200g                     mushrooms

Pickling Liquor

100ml                   white wine vinegar

100ml                   water

100g                      caster sugar

1                              star anise

1 tsp                       coriander seeds

1 tsp                       cloves

200–300ml      vegetable stock

10–15g salt

First make the pickling liquor and then place the mushroom inside to pickle for 12 hours prior to using

Lemon grass

Cut into strips and remove the outer tough layer, slice very thin into strips and place into water.


Garnish with chickweed and diced fresh avocado