Roast Veal Sweet breads with French white asparagus and toasted almond foam

Veal sweetbreads:

80g         per portion

100g       plain flour

30g         ras el hanout

Clean the veal sweetbreads of all the excessive fat. Place into a vac pac bag, vacuum down tight. Cook in the steamer 100C for 7 minutes. Then straight into ice water. Once cold- take out, remove from bag, roll in the seasoned flour (flour and ras el hanout spice) roast in butter, foaming for 2/3 minutes and leave to rest for 2 minutes.  Slice into 3.

Green & white asparagus:

2 pieces white

1 piece green

Peel and clean the asparagus.  The white, blanch in a salted water for 2 mins and chilling quickly in ice water, this will be sliced in half and the green will be shaved with a peeler into strips. This is dressed with rapeseed oil and seasoned.

Almond foam

1 litre     Milk- whole

250g       whole almonds- toasted

10g         Xanthum gum

Place the milk and almond in a pan and bring up to small rolling boil leave to simmer slowly for 1 hour and for the almonds to infuse. Strain off the milk.. To prepare for service- heat up 500g milk with 10g Xanthum gum. Blend together until thicker and place in to the spooner gun, and place 3 chargers into the cylinder.  Leave to set 10 minutes before using.  Then pump out for foam to come.

 Sherry vinaigrette gastrique

200g       caster sugar

250g       sherry vinegar

500g       chicken sauce

100ml    olive oil

Start to make a caramel from the sugar, once golden in colour, add the sherry vinegar and reduce together, add the chicken sauce to finish and olive oil to emulsify.


To plate

Place the asparagus on the plate first, add the shaved pieces and slice the veal sweet bread and add the foam, garnish with sherry vinegar and pea shoots.