Roasted John Dory with Roasted cauliflower puree, brown shrimps with Romanesco and salty fingers


2 fillets  John Dory

1 head White cauliflower

200g       Milk

100g       Butter

1 head  Romanesco

50g         Brown shrimp

50g         Salty fingers


Start with roasting ½ cauliflower in butter. Start to brown the cauliflower and once it starts breaking down, add the milk, and cook it.

Once cooked, place in the Thermo-mixer and blend until smooth, pass through a chinoise.

Break down the Romanesco and blanch in to small florets

Slice the other ½ of white cauliflower and scorch the top of the cauliflowers.

Lightly heat up the brown shrimps and Romanesco  in a pan.

Start to roast the John Dory fillets, in butter,  and heat the salty fingers up.